Clash Royale Mod APK (2019) – Unlimited Troops, Gold, Elixir, Gems

clash royale mod with unlimited gems

Do being to the time of Middle Ages with heroic battles, exciting cards, heroes and gems excite you? If yes, then clash royale mod apk is the game you’re looking for! Clashing with other players worldwide with bows, arrows, and other ancient equipment in a dimension resembling Middle Ages with lifelike graphics would blow your mind. The troops and other features like resources, gems, and knights would resemble those of the clash of clans game by supercell.

As soon as the modified version of the original clash royale has emerged with the latest version 2019, it has become one of the most popular multiplayer games for android. It allows you to play with more features unlocked and a wide range of unlimited resources like gems, gold, elixir, etc. Let’s look at the prominent features you get once you download it from Clash Royale Private server. There are numerous servers available for you but try to download it from popular ones so that the updates keep your app bugs free and latest.

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Unlimited troops

clash roayle troops

Defeating all the enemy’s troops with their heroes, dragons and knights seem quite a difficult task but with clash royale mod apk unlimited troops, you can have this brilliant feature to have the access to create unlimited troops for your army and enhance your gaming experience.

Unlimited gems

That is what the benefit of playing a mod game as you get the key elements in unlimited quantity to use in whatever means you please. With clash royale hacks for gems, you can have the access to free unlimited gems for your game by channeling your time so that you focus on earning them for free. The gems which can cost you in thousands can be of absolutely free once you download this mod apk from one of the private servers on the internet. After getting those gems you can level up easily by doing prompt upgrades with one click.

Unlimited resources

The mod apk boasts the free unlimited resources like gold, elixir, etc to upgrade your troops and spells in a single tap. This feature can take you quickly to a higher level without sticking to slow and difficult upgrades with limited resources.

Unlock all cards

The mod apk game is just like the original one where you can create your own clan or join other clans. It offers you to donate and receive cards as well. However, the best part is here comes the feature of all cards unlocked where you don’t have to struggle for the various cards which takes a hell lot of time to unlock.

Chest unlock

In the original game, it takes ages to unlock chests but in the mod clash royale apk, you would be able to unlock them in no time, thus saving your time to level up. Also, making use of CR tips and tricks is a good idea to unlock resources.

1vs1 and 2vs2

You can start a game of two players with one player by your side and a single match 1 vs 1 in case your friend is offline.

Royale ranking

Since the competition is going higher and higher globally, you need to earn trophies to level up your ranks on the board. The more trophies you get, the higher your rank would be in top royales global.

Emotes and new cards

One more unlocked feature is “emotes” which you get all unlocked and absolutely free. Also, you will get some new cards which you will only find in clash royale mod apk.

Private duels

These games are all about learning tactics, making strategies and learning from other’s experiences. Private duels allow you to make a community and challenge anyone in that community for a fight. You can not only improve your skills by fighting them but can also watch some of the best-played battles and learn from them. It allows you to create your own clan and ask your friends to join and have friendly battles or battles with members of other clans as well.

How to install the clash royale mod apk on Android?

If you are downloading any app from other sources for the first time then the first thing you need to do is allowing installation from other sources in the security settings. Since the modified games are not available on the play store, you will have to download it from private servers on your browser. After enabling the other sources installation, click on the downloaded apk from your notification bar and install it.


Ignoring some glitches and bugs, the modified version would make you feel almost the same experience as the original one. It regularly gets updates to improve its features so it is absolutely reliable. Be in touch with the private servers from where you have downloaded your game.

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