Clash of Souls – It’s all about private servers

Private Servers for clash of souls
Private Servers for clash of souls

Easing Gameplay with Souls

You don’t need a documented proof to believe the mammoth fan following of Clash of Clans. It takes the player to a world where you get to be the king. You get to have the privilege of making your kingdom and shaping your own reality. The competitive nature of the game makes it lucrative to the pro and amateurs of gaming alike. However, there is a downside to the game. It is too time and energy consuming. On an average playing 2 -3 hours of the game, daily, makes it possible to complete 75% of the game, in 6 months. You would end up playing the game for 360 hours and still not completing it. This time-consuming factor is a huge drawback for gamers who proceed with the game by earning the resources rather than buying it. Such drawback is the reason behind the introduction of Clash of Souls which is a private server similar to the original Supercell server available for maximizing the gaming experience.

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What is Clash of Souls?

Clash of Souls is a private server available for the original version of the Clash of Clans game providing you with unlimited resources and customization at your fingertips. While the original server of the game is a private server of Supercell that provides resources on a game-time basis or by selling them, this is not the case with Clash of Souls. The Clash of Souls server enables us to enjoy the full version of the game without wasting a high amount of time.  Now the question is, why can’t the Supercell server of the game provide such facility? The reason behind this is, most of the earning of the Supercell company who has made and maintaining the game since 2012, comes from its top 10 players. These players buy the highest amount of the resources required in the game and as such cant make resources freely available to others. Thus Clash of Souls is a lucrative option for the people who don’t want to invest any financial resource in the game and still experience faster gameplay.

Clash Of Souls

Features of Clash of Souls.

The Souls private server is emulated with C#, that will enable you to experience maximum gameplay of Clash of Clans without any visible difference but unlimited resources like the gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. The custom mod apk of Clash of Souls also known as Darksoul has four different servers each with their own specialty. These servers are light weighted and fast. You can make your own Pekka queen, Witch tower, Minion Tower, Bowler King, generate unlimited amount of army and build customizable defense building for your base. Let us now discuss the four servers of Clash of Souls and understand their specialty.

Clash of Souls s1 (The Soul Eater)

This server is best for the gamers who want to enjoy maximum customizable modification in the game. You can create your own heroes of the clan and defense buildings of your choice and give them powers you desire. This gives a totally next level of gaming experience with customization. Want more? You will also get 1000000 of gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems as resources.

Clash of Souls S2 (The Heart of Soul)

The Heart of Soul server provides you with unlimited resources and customizable heroes and defense structure where you can exchange the power of one hero with the other.

Clash of Souls S3 (The Velocity of Soul)

This private server gives you the experience of the original game but with unlimited resources. It is best suited for gamers who want to learn the tactics required in a higher level of the game without worrying about the resources. Thus it is a good learning platform for the original Clash of Clan game.

Clash of souls s4 (The Vengeance of Soul)

This server has a specialty of providing updates on customizable heroes and structures of the base. Thus it gives you the power to taste unimaginable features of Clash of Clans game. This too comes with unlimited resources, so you don’t need to worry anything and just invest your power of imagination and experience the difference in gameplay.

Which server is the best?

Well, all the four servers of the Clash of Souls are efficient and have perks of their own. It’s advisable to select the servers according to their availability and by this, you can experience the pinnacle of the game. But if you are interested in using just one server, download its apk file, install it, and use it according to its availability. It is a fact to understand that since these are not the original servers of the game, they may give some lag but can give the gameplay experience unavailable with the Supercell server. And for the matter of fact, even the Supercell server goes on maintenance break, so that makes very negligible difference.

How to Install Clash of Souls

You can download the apk file from trusted vendors online, free of cost. Before installing the apk file, uninstall other versions of Clash of Clans from your device and allow the access permission for location, device gallery, and device details. Then start your endless gaming experience. The Clash of Souls apk file is also available for iOS. If you want to install Clash of Souls in PC, you just have to download Bluestacks, then download the apk file and play as you do in your Android device. It is to be noted that installing such apk files need no rooting and works smoothly on unrooted devices.

Download clash of souls All Private Server

So what are you waiting for, hustle and follow the steps to exploit the best in Clash of Clans

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