Clash of magic-Gifting joy to the COC players

clash of magic
clash of magic

Clash of magic is a private server of the clash of clans with unlimited resources. With the introduction of cash of clans in the gaming market, people went crazy due to its exciting features and access to its unlimited resources. This server helps the Cash of clan players achieve things which was very much challenging for them before the clash of magic was released.

Clash Of magic Servers

What is the clash of magic all about? Well, Clash of magic is a mod APK of the clash of clans which provide the players to experience the game without any limitations and boundaries, Unlike in clash of clans where players are provided with a limited amount of resources. In addition to those, the golds gems and other resources in Clash of Clans had to be purchased with real money or else you have to go through a week wait to access those resources. But clash of magic has come to the rescue. It provides unlimited resources in the game without spending a penny or a week’s time.

Clash of magic features

Clash of magic features is designed in phases to serve a wide variety of audience. It has four servers, firstly, clash of magic S1 which is called as the black magic, the second one is the clash of magic S2 which is the hall of magic, the next one is clash of magic S3-Occult and the last one is clash of magic S4 called as the book of magic 2. These servers come with a variety of features which makes sure never to disappoint their players. It is compatible with every kind of Android and IOS devices. In addition to this, the earlier versions are restored and do not require an uninstallation process in order to install these servers. Mentioning some of the features that player has unlimited access to. One will get unlimited gems, gold, elixir, dark elixir, and unlimited troops. One can create unlimited custom building and heroes and can play any war of their choice. It even supports desktop environment. All one needs to do is to download blue stacks for windows and enjoy the game on a bigger screen.

Clash Of Magic gameplay

How the clash of magic private servers works?

Clash of magic servers is hosted on the third party servers instead of the supercell servers. The supercell servers host the original clash of clans game. These are the private servers which are fast and secure because the third party servers witness lesser crowd than the original servers.

Clash of magic S1-the black magic

The first server is the clash of magic S1- black magic. It comes with inbuilt features of the creation of buildings and heroes. It provides unlimited resources like elixir, dark elixir, gold, and gems. Moreover, these features are accessible to them for free. They are not charged a single penny or a single minute of their time.

Clash of magic S2-Hall of magic

The second one in the list of the magic servers is the clash of magic S2-hall of magic server. It is an extension of the clash of magic S1 with all the features inherited from the black magic server. It also provides the players with unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. An additional point about these servers is that it is a highly modified server that allows the creation of building and heroes at almost zero building time.

Clash of magic S3-Occult

It is a modified version of the previously existing version of clash of magic servers like the black magic and hall of magic servers. An additional point of modification was that it has 10,000 gold, elixir and dark elixir available which is higher than the previously existing versions. In addition to the existing features, the server speed of this clash of magic S3-Occult is also worth mentioning. It ensures that the progress in the game is as fast as it can be.

Clash of magic S4-The book of magic

The key differentiating point about the clash of magic S4-book of magic server from other released versions of the clash of magic servers is that one can enjoy the game same as the original version. It does not support the building of customized buildings and heroes but one can always go for unlimited gold, elixir and dark elixir but all with a normal building count.

Magic items hack

Cash of clans is one of the most widely accepted and played games among all generations. However, some times the players need some cheat codes to score progressively in the game. These magic items hack to make sure that it allows the generation of an unlimited amount of gems and gold with no requirement of device uprooting. All a player needs to do is to download an APK file which is the clash of magic launcher. The second Question arises is how to install it? After successfully downloading the Clash of magic launcher, one has to disable the antivirus and other security systems on the device and click on install. Once the installation is complete, have a look at the COC resources. You will notice that these hacks have worked like a charm.

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